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Beijing Dorgean Electronic Technology Co., LTD

Beijing Dorgean Electronic Technology Co., LTD is an outstanding agent in the advanced service distribution of electronic and optical instrument and meters to test, measure, analyze, and control your facility and your process in meteorology, hydrology, environmental monitoring, air quality analysis, soil testing, etc. We have established excellent third-party technology promotion service authorization with the global famous manufacturers such as Meter, Temtop, Acclima, Hash(HACH), RM.YOUNG, Met One, Apogee, TSI, YSI, Femto, Hukseflux, Delta-T, GILL, Alphasense, Geonor, Ophir, Solinst, and so on. Timely and accurately grasping industry information, we have successfully provided a variety of products, consultations, solutions and services for thousands of institutions and companies with the strong support of manufacturers.

We are proud to be highly recognized by the industry for:

Large Product Categories

Short Lead Time

High cost performance

Excellent Service

Beijing Dorgean Electronic Technology Co., LTD. since its establishment, adheres to the business purpose of “take the market as the guide, take technological innovation as the leading, take customer satisfaction as the center” and "good faith cooperation, quality first, on time delivery, multi-party mutual benefit and win-win". Welcome the major customers and manufacturers to come to discuss cooperation, to establish long-term cooperation, and to jointly contribute to the development of the science and technology and the prosperity of the industry. We will be your ideal partner. Let’s work together to create a brilliant future!


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